crisis/intensive discipleship

Because of our brokenness and the brokenness of others, we often find ourselves in circumstances and relationships that are experiencing crisis, conflict and corruption.  This manifests in our lives as anxiety, depression, interpersonal conflict, self-harm, thoughts of suicide, loss, grief and so on.  In the context of our suffering, the biblical picture of  one-another care shines brightest.  We call this one-another care crisis/intensive discipleship or biblical counseling.  It is the practical action of coming alongside another to seek, hear and apply God’s Word to current circumstances and relationships.  In the midst of all suffering, we believe Jesus makes a difference and we want you to experience the difference He makes in your life.  

We believe that crisis discipleship and soul care belong primarily in the local church. Based on this strong belief, it is our mission to help local churches meet the needs of their communities. We offer our experience and support through training and consulting with the goal of coming alongside your church leadership as you establish your own soul care church ministry. We are also available to offer support in situations that are most difficult. Our appointments are limited; if you are in need of intensive or crisis discipleship, please contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate your need.

Our sessions are designed to meet the needs of individuals, families and couples seeking help from God’s Word in their suffering.  

It is our desire to keep your cost as low as possible for those we are able to meet with.  We charge a fee typical of co-pays for professional counseling with insurance.  We want to make biblical discipleship feasible for people seeking help. (On-line Telehealth counseling sessions are also available (contact us to investigate this option).



For adults seeking one-on-one biblical counseling.

$70 per session - 60 minutes


For married couples seeking biblical counsel.

$150 per session - 90 minutes


For families seeking help with parenting and current suffering or crisis within the family system.

$200 per session - 90 minutes


For teens between the ages of 12-18 who are open and willing to participate in sessions.

$70 per session - 60 minutes

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